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  The Astrology of the Ottoman Empire  

A Research by Baris lhan

          Similarities between Coup Charts in Turkey

        Baris Ilhan, July 17, 2016

In the history of Turkish Republic there are 2 major military coups, and 2 important military memorandums. The last military coup was 36 years ago in September 12, 1980. On that day Sun was 19 degrees Virgo and Jupiter was right near it at 20 degrees. We see Venus at 4 degrees Leo squares Turkey’s natal Sun, and Uranus at 22 degrees Scorpio conjuncts Turkey’s natal Jupiter that rules the 10th (ruler) and 6th (army) houses.

When we compare the chart of the recent military coup attempt with the chart of Sep 12, 1980, we see interesting similarities. Jupiter is again 19 degrees Virgo (Jupiter cycle), Venus is again 4 degrees Leo (Venus cycle), but this time instead of Uranus we see Mars conjuncts natal Jupiter. The Rising Degree of the military coup attempt chart is 24 Aquarius, and transit Mars squares this degree.

When we go back to the first military coup in May 27, 1960, we see 21 degrees Virgo again, this time North Node is there. So what is so special about 19-20-21 degrees Virgo in Turkey’s chart? They are in Turkey's 4th house, oppose the MC. 

They are in Saturn’s term. Saturn is very important in all 3 charts. In the first coup chart it squares Turkey’s natal Moon, in the second coup chart it opposes Turkey’s natal Pluto, and in the last attempt it conjuncts Antares. 

But there maybe one more explanation, hidden in the contrascia of Turkey’s natal chart. Natal Mars’ Contrascia is at 22 degrees Virgo. What a perfect indicator for a military coup !






































Sept 12, 1980 COUP



















May 27, 1960 COUP


















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