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Baris Ilhan, C.A., NCGR


Born in Ankara in 1956. Graduated from Middle East Technical University. Worked as a city planner for 15 years. She is a professional astrologer since 1993. In 1997 had founded her publishing house to publish astrology and pyschology books. Till today, had published 21 books. She is the author of two books. One is about the planetary cycles and astrological crisis times. Its name is “The Puberty Age of Adults: Planetary Cycles”, the other is “Astrology Lessons”, which is mainly a text book for her students. She is the founder of an astrology school called “Ilhan Astrology Institute”. The school also has a correspondence program to teach students from all over Anatolia and Cyprus. She teaches and lectures regularly and from time to time writes astrology articles for a daily Turkish newspaper. Besides these, organizes conferences, workshops and invites foreign speakers to Turkey. In 2003 she has formed the NCGR-Turkey chapter and started giving certification tests in Turkey. She is the President of the chapter. More information can be reached from . She is a member of NCGR, ISAR and AA. And a member of the Advisory Board of NCGR.

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