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In the Light of Life’s Rhythms – 2017


Barış İlhan, Dec. 27, 2016

Just as life itself is founded on the equilibrium of opposites, like night and day, summer and winter, everything we experience in life also has its phases of opening and closing, expansion and contraction. We see this most clearly in planetary cycles. When the planets meet one another while wondering through the sky at different speeds, they start a new cycle. At that point the expansion begins, and when they form an opposition the cycle begins to close. We could examine the generation and corruption of everything on earth in light of these cycles.


The planets that move more slowly are thought to signify more primary, universal themes due to their occupying wider slices of time. The faster-moving planets, in a way, weave the webs of these primary themes and present a web of interlocking circles, as we see in the picture. There are no discrete beginning or ending points in these schemes and, therefore, they are examined section by section. We turn our lens toward the respective period to examine.


For example, if we take a look at the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, we see that the cycle we are experiencing now began with the conjunction in Taurus in May 2000 and will end with the conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020. This cycle of nearly 20 years is associated with economic, social and political changes. A conjunction in an earth sign points to matters of Earth, natural resources of the Earth, financial issues, markets, land and boundary disputes, agriculture, infrastructure, and construction. As a matter of fact, since 2000-2001 we have been experiencing these influences one by one: Oil and seed wars, the crisis in the Middle East, the concerns along Turkey’s borders, global warming, and the like…. In the year 2020, when two planets will enter Aquarius—which is an air sign—a new period will begin, one of new ideas, libertarian thinking, theories that will help humanity transcend the customary limitations and go beyond old models.


A cycle has four important phases. They are the conjunction, square, opposition, and another square aspects. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000-2001 formed its first square in 2005-2006, opposition in 2010-2011, and the last square in 2015-2016. The year 2001 comes to the forefront with the economic crises and 9/11. Soon after, as you know, the United States entered first Afghanistan and then Iraq. One could say, thus commenced today’s hell. And the years 2015-2016 is when the wars in Syria and Iraq really heated up and many other countries joined to become a part of the conflict. We won’t go into examining these stages in detail as it is not the concern of this article but the year 2010-2011 especially attracts our attention. Those were the years when the Arab Spring had begun.


When Jupiter arrived its mid-cycle phase with Saturn in 2010-11, it began a cycle with another planet, Uranus, at 0° Aries. This conjunction was repeated in the last degrees of Pisces. The prevalent systems in the Middle East dissolved, giving way to anarchy. Meanwhile, Jupiter squared Pluto, signifying great destruction. Of course Jupiter was not the only player during that period. It completes its cycle around the Sun in 12 years with relatively fast speed and cannot alone explain the events we lived through those years. As a slower planet, Saturn took its place in the game. On the one hand, it squared Pluto, while opposing Uranus, and increased the tensions further and rendered them permanent. In summary, a variety of planets’ cycles intersected during those years, signaling a chaos that challenged the world’s economic, political, and social orders; replaced governments or caused them to increase oppression; increased fighting over world’s resources. Many years from now we might look back at this chaotic time as what culminated in the beginning of a new age. To learn more you may read the articles I had written about these cycles during those years.


Heretofore, these cycles have played their parts, woven the webs of destiny, and slowly we are approaching their end. We say “slowly” because this is a slow-moving duration indeed, even if in our daily lives the events are perceived to be happening at a fast pace. In other words, we need to abandon the expectation that things will return to normal anytime soon.



We saw during the years 2012-2016 that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—that is, the societal and collective planets—were highly active in the sky and we experienced them intensely. Alternately, in 2017, Jupiter cycles will occupy the stage. Jupiter-Saturn cycle has withdrawn a bit since mid-2016 and will remain so until 2020. It gave its place to Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto cycles. These three planets will form a T-square where Pluto will be the focal planet in Capricorn from December 26, 2016 until October 2017. We will feel this most intensely around December 26, March 3, March 30, August 4, and September 24. Mars will trigger them in February-March, at the end of June, in July, mid-November, and beginning of December. The fact that this T-square is on the Aries-Libra (me-other, war-peace) axis and that Capricorn (governments) is at its focal point gives us an idea regarding “sovereignty wars.” At this point, let’s get acquainted with Jupiter-Uranus and Pluto cycles.


We had mentioned that Jupiter-Saturn cycle lasts nearly 20 years, and that the last cycle began in 2000-2001 and will end in 2020. This is Jupiter’s longest cycle. Following it are Jupiter-Uranus cycle (14 years), Jupiter-Neptune (13 years) and Jupiter-Pluto (12 years). 



The last Jupiter-Uranus cycle started in 2010-2011 with a grand uprising, that of the Arab Spring. From December 26, 2016 onward, we will experience one of its most significant stages and we will see clearly if this uprising is headed in a positive direction or not. In its basic meaning, Jupiter-Uranus cycle is one associated with breaking through established systems, liberation, progression, and expansion. Consequently, it comprises rebellions, sudden explosions, and anarchy. The prerequisite for arriving at a positive outcome in this situation is to “allow your neighbor the same freedoms that you desire for yourself.”


Jupiter represents abundance and prosperity, so its movements are connected to money markets and its aspects to Uranus can point to “free (Uranus) money markets.” In this situation, if we recall 2017’s opposition, we can say that it can signal a grand turbulence. As a matter of fact, the list that Shane P. Ward has compiled in his article entitled, “The Barbault Scale” by using Andre Barbault’s measurements is highly noteworthy:


2014 = -183
2015 = -43
2016 = -260 
2017 = -496 
2018 = -388 
2019 = -282
2020 = -176
2021 = -64


According to the text, 2017 values were observed in 1979. The value during World War II was -692. In the 20th century, the maximum negative values were reached during 1910-1922, 1931-1944, and 1971-1981. In light of these figures, we can surmise that 2017 will be relatively challenging from an economic point of view.


Andre Barbault, in his article “Planetary Cycles and their Interferences” concludes that during the years 1939-1945, Jupiter and Saturn’s interactions with Uranus brought about fascism to Europe via dictators, and their interactions with Neptune helped the democratic forces usurp power from the hands of the dictators. It seems that in a way, Jupiter-Uranus cycles are linked to the political right and capitalism. The cycle begins with unexpected explosions and great tensions and contains the potential of creating wars. In fact, especially the conjunction that occurred in 2010-2011 at 0° Aries began precisely in this fashion. In 2017 we will experience its opposition and greatest tensions. After that, we will see the capitalism-oriented movement begin to lose force gradually. How this period will work out will be seen in 2024 when Jupiter and Uranus will meet up in Taurus, the sign of material substance/matter. Since Jupiter will conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the sign of ideals and unity, two years earlier in 2022, we expect Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus to bring about more democratic, auspicious developments for humanity.



In classical mythology, Pluto was as much the lord of abundance and prosperity as he was of the underground and the land of the dead. So it makes sense that when Pluto (force) joins Jupiter (big), a great prosperity can be a matter of consideration, and thus it becomes possible to pursue power (material, psychological, intellectual and physical—all kinds) via wars and killings. If we think of Jupiter as being the symbol of expansion and spread, we understand more easily why Andre Barbault has associated this cycle with international (Jupiter) terrorism (Pluto).


Jupiter has begun its last cycle with Pluto in December 2007 in Sagittarius, where it harbors themes like religion, belief, laws. The Jupiter-Pluto duo triggers fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terror in this sign. The union of Pluto, which represents masses, with Jupiter that symbolizes expansion and growth signals that the effects will be spread to greater communities of people in wider domains. Deliverance from them is possible by way of tolerance of different thoughts and beliefs. Short of that, power struggles, hatred, revenge, manipulation, and global terror brings about total destruction. In 2017, we will live the last square of this Jupiter-Pluto cycle. The next conjunction will take place in 2020, in Capricorn. At the same time, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn too; that is, Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto will make a triple conjunction.


In this sense, 2020 will be a year of grand transformations, catharsis, formation of new states, and construction of new orders. Or else, we will experience a kind of apocalypse. The fact that this conjunction will occur in Capricorn, an earth sign, makes us think of natural disasters as much as governments and material greed. For now, let’s brush this point aside and state that before Jupiter joins Saturn-Pluto, it will aspect Neptune in 2019—the planet that represents idealism, mercy, and unity themes; the Neptune that Barbault has associated with leftist ideologies.


The Turkish Republic was established in another Jupiter-Neptune square (the dexter square). In 2019 Jupiter will square Neptune again but this will be a sinister square. Let’s maintain our hope that it will signify the closing of a dark era and a rebirth, after being purified of the ghosts of our past.


May you stay well until then...

Translation: Neylan Gurel


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