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SUN: Power to shine on others, lead & organize

(-) Looks modest, but pride, egotism. Identity crisis. Can’t express yourself and what is important for you. Afraid of criticism, hidden boasting. Yearns attention, appreciation. Narcissism. The other is the Sun.

(+) Inner light, inner confidence, sense of purpose, centeredness. Ability to revitalize yourself, leader, organizer.

MOON: Power to care and nurture

(-) Looks cool, but unconsciously touchy, moody, oversensitive, easily offended. Deny emotional needs & emotional hungers. Doesn’t like neediness. The other is needy.

(+) Emotional self-sufficiency, ability to care for, nourish & nurture yourself and others.

MERCURY: Power to perceive & communicate clearly, art of speaking eloquently & conveying message through symbols, images, stories

(-) Hidden know-it-all, monolog, over-thinking, difficulty in learning/listening, worry, insecure about intellectual abilities, mental confusion.

(+) Inner guide (connection between concious & unconscious), best thinking/speaking when your mind don’t interfere.

VENUS: Power of temperance. Embody joy, peace and beauty.

(-) Self-indulgence, greed, envy, social discontent, denial of desire for relationships, excessive self-love, eagerness for bodily/harmful appetites, the other is materialistic 

(+) Inner peace, love for all creation (unity), contentment, gratitude, artistic

MARS: Power of courage

(-) Hidden anger, passive-aggressive, not able to ward off harmful, (I can do it, no I can’t), prone to accident, selfish, the other is the courageous & aggressive.

(+) Bravery, able to bear both the agreeable and the unpleasant, able to be affected by observing the suffering of one’s fellows, without any disturbance to one’s actions, act/fight for others

JUPITER: Power of good judgement, justice & wisdom

(-) Looks modest and tolerant, but covert arrogance, extravagance and self-righteousness, problems with ethics, strong beliefs & convictions (can’t experience and grow), excessive optimism or lack of it, opportunism or no faith in opportunities, the other is arrogant or opportunist

(+) Inner faith, tolerance, understanding, inner sense of meaning, understanding of universal law, able to grow from every experience

SATURN: Power of construction, administration, holding together, inner timing

(-) Restrictive self-doubt (the thing you think you need to do is the one you shouldn’t do). Fear, guilt, distorted responsibility, pessimism, despair, loneliness, no sense of time, wrong ideas about professional achievement. The other is the authority.

(+) Inner sense of responsibility, self-discipline, ability to reject the harmful, healthy boundaries

URANUS: Power of uniqueness, independence

(-) Looks common & agreeable, but secretly rebels. Supressing freedom and change may lead to explosion, the other is independent and weird   

(+) Inner, deep rooted independence, originality. Ability to handle disruptive, unexpected life circumstances


NEPTUNE: Power of compassion, acceptance & devotion

(-) Hypersensitivity, addiction, escapism or fantasy, self deception, yearn for compassion 

(+) Accepts as it is, compassion, inspiration, dedication to ideals and willingness to give yourself to those who need you


PLUTO: Power of death and transformation

(-) Hidden weakness, helplessness & manipulation, can’t express own power and ability to transform,

 nihilism, yearn for death  

(+) Deep psychological insight, inner sense of power, ability to withstand stress and regenerate yourself


(c) Barış İlhan

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